Frank Zappa | Finer Moments | Vinyl 2LP

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This Double LP is a Must-Have for Diehard and Casual Zappa Fans Alike!

Those that like the earlier 1968-1972 era of The Mothers will love this. It's mostly live from that era.

This particular period of the Mothers had two drummers working in parallel;
Jimmy Carl Black (The Indian Of The Group)
Arthur Dyre Tripp III (aka "Artie With the Green Mustache").

Also in the mix was:
Ian Underwood on keyboard and sax
Don Preston (aka "Dom De Wilde") on keyboards
Roy Astrada ("Roy Ralph Moleman Guacamole Guadalupe Hidalgo Estrada") on bass and falsetto
Lowell George on Rhythm Guitar (for a brief time)
Euclid James "Motorhead" Sherwood on Baritone Sax
Bunk Gardiner: Tenor sax (he usually plays clarinet)
Buzz Gardiner: trumpet
And later on (after 1971)
Bob Harris: Keyboards
Jim Pons: Bass
Ansley Dunbar: Drums

The recording sound quality is Pristine!

LP Track Listing:

1. Intro

2. Sleazette

3. Mozart Piano Sonata in Bb

4. The Walking Zombie Music

5. The Old Curiosity Shoppe

6. Music From The Big Squeeze

7. Enigmas 1 Thru 5

8. Pumped And Waxed

9. There Is No Heaven From Where Slogans Go To Die

10. Squeeze It, Squeeze It, Squeeze It

11. You Never Know Who Your Friends Are

12. Uncle Rhebus

13. The Subcutaneous Peril