Gang of Four | Entertainment! | 180g Vinyl LP

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Ranked 490/500 on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

Some of the most memorable music of the late-'70s British postpunk era came courtesy of Gang Of Four. The band's 1979 debut, Entertainment!, poured punk, funk, and politics into a groundbreaking sound that continues to influence such worthy modern rock descendents as Hot Hot Heat, The Rapture, and !!!.

Rhino's 2005 issue of Entertainment! has been remastered and expanded with bonus material, including the rare Yellow EP and four previously unreleased tracks. Booklet contains vintage photos and liner notes by Our Band Could Be Your Life author Michael Azzerad.

LP Track Listing:

1. Ether

2. Natural's Not In It

3. Not Great Men

4. Damaged Goods

5. Return the Gift

6. Guns Before Butter

7. I Found that Essence Rare        

8. Glass

9. Contract

10. At Home He's A Tourist

11. 5-45

12. Anthrax