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Available exclusively on popmarket - it's the perfect supplement to your summer fun - the Hall + Oates Limited Edition 180g Vinyl Bundle! Featuring three of their classic party starters - H2O, Private Eyes and Voices - all remastered and pressed on high quality, limited edition & hand numbered 180g wax by Mobile Fidelity! These classic records have been given the royal remastering treatment and are a must-have, available today for one low price + free shipping in the U.S.!



Hall and Oates' biggest-selling album also stands as their most ambitious.1982's H20 strikes a keen equilibrium between polish, melody, muscle, and craft. The vocalists expand the emotional reach of their songwriting, and shepherd meticulous production and measured arrangements toward thrilling musical intersections that, to this day, remain staples of pop craft.

Private Eyes

Offering relentless pop bliss, 1981's Private Eyes functions as an instruction manual that, as Rolling Stone opined, still teaches the way to make rock girls, disco girls, and new-wave girls scream together. While the tandem's peers relied on robotic mechanisms and now-dated keyboard noises, Hall and Oates utilize tried-and-true soulful instrumentation on a record that hasn't lost a step.


Hall and Oates' now-trademark blend of pop, new wave, and R&B appears with full confidence, conviction, and commercial flair on Mobile Fidelity's pressing of Voices. Boasting a near-flawless mix of malleable grooves, smooth vocals, catchy beats, and spotless hooks, the 1980 smash simultaneously crossed over into multiple markets and eradicated stylistic boundaries. Includes four Top 40 singles!




LP Track Listing:


1. Maneater

2. Crime Pays

3. Art of Heartbreak

4. One on One

5. Open All Night

6. Family Man

7. Italian Girls

8. Guessing Games

9. Delayed Reaction

10. At Tension

11. Go Solo



Private Eyes

1. Private Eyes

2. Looking for a Good Sign

3. I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)

4. Mano a Mano

5. Did It in a Minute

6. Head Above Water

7. Tell Me What You Want

8. Friday Let Me Down

9. Unguarded Minute

10. Your Imagination

11. Some Men




1. How Does It Feel to Be Back

2. Big Kids

3. United State

4. Hard to Be In Love With You

5. Kiss on My List

6. Gotta Lotta Nerve (Perfect Perfect)

7. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'

8. You Make My Dreams

9. Everytime You Go Away

10. Africa

11. Diddy Doo Wop (I Hear Voices)