Heart | Strange Euphoria | CD Set

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For nearly four decades Ann and Nancy Wilson have been making music as Heart. They've sold over 35 million albums, played to millions of fans worldwide, and in 2011 were nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. STRANGE EUPHORIA represents the first time Ann and Nancy have curated a collection of their work, and it is the only time they've opened up their vaults for demos and rarities never heard by the public. With a multitude of demos, unreleased ideas, and side projects, STRANGE EUPHORIA pulls this story together and provides a firsthand look at the fun, the craft, and the pure art of creation that has kept Heart relevant. It's more than just history; this is an immensely entertaining listen on its own terms.

Track Listings:

CD 1
1. Through Eyes & Glass (by Ann Wilson & The Daybreaks)
2. Magic Man (demo)*
3. How Deep It Goes (demo)*
4. Crazy On You (demo)*
5. Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child) + Dreamboat Annie Reprise (edit)*
6. Love Alive
7. Sylvan Song
8. Dream Of The Archer
9. White Lightning & Wine (live at the Aquarius)*
10. Barracuda (live from BBC Radio Concert)*
11. Little Queen
12. Kick It Out
13. Here Song (demo)*
14. Heartless (demo)*
15. Dog & Butterfl y (acoustic demo)*
16. Straight On
17. Nada One

CD 2
1. Bebe le Strange
2. Silver Wheels II
3. Even It Up
4. Sweet Darlin'
5. City's Burning
6. Angels
7. Love Mistake
8. Lucky Day (demo)*
9. Never (live, with John Paul Jones)*
10. These Dreams
11. Nobody Home
12. Alone
13. Wait For An Answer
14. Unconditional Love (demo)*
15. High Romance (demo)*
16. Under The Sky (demo)*
17. Desire Walks On (–Beach demo" version)*

CD 3
1. Kiss (by The Lovemongers)
2. Sand (live) (by The Lovemongers)
3. Everything (live) (by Nancy Wilson)
4. She Still Believes (live)*
5. Any Woman's Blues (demo) (with the Seattle Blues Revue Horns)*
6. Strange Euphoria
7. Boppy's Back (demo)*
8. Friend Meets Friend (live) (by The Lovemongers)*
9. Love Or Madness (live)*
10. Skin To Skin*
11. Fallen Ones
12. Enough
13. Lost Angel (live)*
14. Little Problems, Little Lies (by Ann Wilson)
15. Queen City
16. Hey You
17. Avalon (Reprise)

*Previously unreleased

The Second Ending featuring Heart _ Recorded circa February-March, 1976 for KWSU-TV
1. Pre Show
2. Heartless
3. White Lightning & Wine
4. Dreamboat Annie
5. Silver Wheels
6. Crazy On You
7. Sing Child
8. Soul Of The Sea
9. Devil Delight
10. Magic Man

Approximate running time: 57 minutes