Hüsker Dü | New Day Rising | Vinyl LP

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HUSKER DU'S THIRD STUDIO ALBUM. New Day Rising was originally released in 1985 following the critically acclaimed Zen Arcade. Once again the traditionally punk band would find themselves experimenting with more melodic arrangements, resulting in a more alternative/post-hardcore quality to the sound. The majority of the album was written and composed by Bob Mould with Grant Hart taking credit only on a handful of songs. 15 tracks in all.

LP Track Listing:

1. New Day Rising

2. Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill

3. I Apologize

4. Folk Lore

5. If I Told You

6. Celebrated Summer

7. Perfect Example

8. Terms of Psychic Warfare

9. 59 Times the Pain

10. Powerline

11. Books About UFOs

12. I Don't Know What You're Talking About

13. How to Skin a Cat

14. Whatcha Drinkin'

15. Plans I Make