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In 1995, the world was introduced to a young singer/songwriter from New York named Jeff Buckley. His debut album Grace became one of the most acclaimed and influential albums of his generation. To promote the album, Jeff and his band embarked a seemingly un-ending tour _ taking them all over the globe from 1994 to 1996. Now, for the first time, the very best of those performances have been tracked down and compiled into the definitive visual document of the Grace world tour.

Disc One: DVD: Grace Around The World
Main Program (Running Time: 85:47)

  1. Grace (BBC Late Show, London, 1/17/95)
  2. So Real (Live Aus Dem Sudbahnhof, Frankfurt, 2/24/95)
  3. Mojo Pin (Live Aus Dem Sudbahnhof, Frankfurt, 2/24/95)
  4. What Will You Say (Live Aus Dem Sudbahnhof, Frankfurt, 2/24/95)
  5. Hallelujah (MTV Japan, Tokyo, 1/31/95)
  6. Dream Brother (Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans, 12/2/94)
  7. Eternal Life (MTV's Most Wanted, London, 3/3/95)
  8. Last Goodbye (MTV's Most Wanted, London, 3/3/95)
  9. Lover, You Should've Come Over (JBTV, Chicago, 11/8/94)
  10. Lilac Wine (MTV Europe, Eurockeennes Festival, Belfort, 7/9/95)
    (All footage previously unreleased except #9)
    BONUS FEATURES (Running Time: 32:28)
  11. Grace (MTV's 120 Minutes, NYC, 1/15/95)
  12. So Real (MTV's 120 Minutes, NYC, 1/15/95)
  13. Last Goodbye (MTV's 120 Minutes, NYC, 1/15/95)
  14. Vancouver (MTV's 120 Minutes, NYC, 1/15/95)
  15. Hallelujah (music video)
  16. Star Tours (VH1's Naked Caf_ Behind The Scenes Piece, 1/9/95)
  17. Merri Cry Bus Interview (spring 1995)

Disc Two: CD: Grace Around The World
Remastered Audio of Tracks 1_12 from Disc One

Disc Three: DVD: Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley
(Running Time: 61:57)

  • A Benchmark
  • Onslaught On The Emotions
  • Punk Rock Soul
  • Heritage Artist
  • Strange First Release
  • Between Billy Holiday and Led Zeppelin
  • He Made You Believe
  • The Guy Toured His Ass Off
  • What Made Jeff Buckley Tick
  • Severe Machine
  • Body Goes Down
  • Grace Is What Matters
  • Credits