Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes | Live At The Greek | White Colored Vinyl 3LP

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In the Summer and Fall of 1999, one of the best live rock 'n' roll bands and rock's greatest guitarist united for a tour across the States, performing the best songs from the band that virtually invented Rock!

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page joined Chris and Rich Robinson and the rest of The Black Crowes to perform "Whole Lotta Love," "Heartbreaker," "What Is and What Should Never Be," "Hey Hey What Can I Do" and many more Zep favorites. The band also ripped into blues classics like –Mellow Down Easy," "Woke Up This Morning," the Yardbirds classic "Shapes of Things" and the early Fleetwood Mac number "Oh Well." Now, over a decade later from the original release, this classic collaboration is available for the first time on vinyl. Spanning three discs on white vinyl, Live at the Greek is a sterling recording of a legendary concert on the nights of October 18 and 19, 1999.

LP Track Listings:

LP 1  Side A

1. Celebration Day

2. Custard Pie

3. Sick Again

4. What Is and What Should Never Be 

LP 1  Side B

1. Woke Up This Morning

2. Shapes Of Things

3. Sloppy Drunk

4. Ten Years Gone 

LP 2  Side C

1. In My Time of Dying

2. Your Time Is Gonna Come 

LP 2  Side D

1. The Lemon Song

2. Nobody's Fault But Mine

3. Heartbreaker

LP 3  Side E

1. Hey Hey What Can I Do

2. Mellow Down Easy

3. Oh Well

4. Shake Your Money Maker

LP 3  Side F

1. You Shook Me

2. Out On the Tiles

3. Whole Lotta Love