Joe Bonamassa | Driving Towards the Daylight | 180g Vinyl 2LP

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Recorded at Studio At The Palms in Las Vegas, NV, The Village Recorder in Los Angeles, CA and The Cave in Malibu, CA, 2012's Driving Towards The Daylight is a balanced back-to-basics album that highlights blues-rock guitar hero and singer-songwriter Joe Bonamassa's signature style of roots blues with rock-and-roll guts, while honoring the traditions of the original blues musicians.


"We've taken some really traditional old blues songs - the Howlin' Wolf song 'Who's Been Talkin'?' and the Robert Johnson song 'Stones In My Passway,' and we've tried to imagine how they would do them in a rock context," said longtime producer Kevin Shirley. "It's a very exciting return to the blues in a very visceral way. It's vibrant and it's gutsy and it's really, really rugged."


LP Track Listing:


1. Dislocated Boy

2. Stones In My Passway

3. Driving Towards The Daylight

4. Who's Been Talking?

5. I Got All You Need

6. A Place In My Heart

7. Lonely Town Lonely Street

8. Heavenly Soul

9. New Coat Of Paint

10. Somewhere Trouble Don't Go

11. Too Much Ain't Enough Love (feat. Jimmy Barnes)