Judas Priest | The Complete Albums Collection | CD Set

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A front man known as the Metal God, who paved the way for multi-octave heavy metal singers in his wake. A guitar tandem whose dual harmonies have been copied by countless subsequent six-string teams. A biker-like, leather n' studs look that became associated as the dress code for headbangers. A multitude of arena-shaking anthems that will be around until the end of time. Without question, Judas Priest is unlike any metal band before, after, or since.

Think "heavy metal," and few bands come to mind as quickly as Judas Priest does. Other veteran rock bands may have buckled to musical trends at one point or another in their career, but Priest has always been proud to fly the metal flag. And as a result, has built a stellar legacy that is unmatched by few other acts _ which you will hear for yourself by cranking The Complete Albums Collection at high volume.


Albums Included:

  1. Rocka Rolla
  2. Sad Wings Of Destiny
  3. Sin After Sin
  4. Stained Class
  5. Killing Machine
  6. Unleashed In The East
  7. British Steel
  8. Point Of Entry
  9. Screaming For Vengeance
  10. Defenders Of The Faith
  11. Turbo
  12. Priest... Live!
  13. Ram It Down
  14. Painkiller
  15. Angel Of Retribution
  16. Nostradamus
  17. Touch Of Evil - Live!