Melvins | Bases Loaded | Vinyl LP

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Nobody keeps it weird the way the Melvins do. The usually ultra-prolific group took it a little slower in the last year and have finally come back with a new studio album designed to melt faces and rip off your head. Born out of a failed reunion with Nirvana's surviving members, the experimental weirdos jump somewhere between the uneasy schizophrenic territory of grunge, metal, and novelty. '

Their first studio album in two years features six bassists shredding like maniacs at glass-shattering volume. Tracks alternate between Nirvana's Krist Novoselic, Redd Kross' Steve McDonald, Butthole Surfers' Jeff Pinkus, Mr. Bungle's Trevor Dunn, Big Business' Jared Warren, and former Melvin Dale Clover. "Hideous Woman" crunches loud as it's a beautifully gooey song with lyrics that assault you and guitars that teeter so close to insanity they could go off the rails any second. The surprisingly faithful cover of The Beatles' ode-to-acid "I Want To Tell You" is like a nostalgic bar and grill cover band getting messed up on cheap beer and opioids and forgetting there's an audience in the room as they tear in. The bouncy synth line and a fuzzed version of George Harrison's guitar sound makes the spaciness of the original track feel quaint in comparison. The last track brings the punny title of the album full-circle with a "wtf?" cover of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" that starts out like an NES game before it explodes into a ramshackle cover that only copious amounts of booze could fuel. If you ever feel rock is dead when you stream weak stuff online, remember The Melvins can still freak 'em out like no one can.

Track Listing:

1 The Decay of Lying (Steve McDonald)
2 Choco Plumbing (Jared Warren)
3 Beer Hippie (Dale Crover)
4 I Want to Tell You (Steve McDonald)
5 Captain Come Down (Jeff Pinkus)
6 Hideous Women (Steve McDonald)
7 Shaving Cream (Dale Crover)
8 Planet Distructo (Trevor Dunn)
9 War Pussy (Steve McDonald)
10 Maybe I Am Amused (Krist Novoselic)
11 Phyllis Dillard (Dale Crover)
12 Take Me Out to the Ballgame (Dale Crover)