The Walking Dead | Merle and Daryl Woodbury Arena Figure Pack

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What better way to pass the time in a post-apocalyptic world than to hold arena death matches with Walkers? After Daryl is captured during the assault on Woodbury, The Governor orders the Dixon brothers to fight to the death with Walkers at every corner.


Will Merle and Daryl battle each other or the Walkers? You can decide with the Merle and Daryl Woodbury Arena Figure Pack! Each construction figure pack includes five 2” (5cm) scale buildable figures – Merle Dixon, Daryl Dixon, Military Walker, Business Walker, and Police Walker Figures- inspired by AMC’s The Walking Dead television series.


All figures are unique and not available in construction sets. Figures feature articulation at main joints and have a foot clamp to lock onto construction set bricks. The figure pack, in total, is 40 pieces.


  • Features over 40 pieces including five 2" (5cm) buildable figures - Daryl, Merle and 3 walkers
  • Compatible with Walking Dead building sets with their foot clamp to lock on
  • Comes with articulation at main joints
  • Interchangeable, buildable body parts with other 2" (5cm) figures

Relive the action at Woodbury Arena with this Walking Dead Construction Set!