The Walking Dead | Michonne 10" (25cm) Deluxe Figure

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After losing her family to the apocalypse, Michonne had to adapt to the harsh environment or be overwhelmed by it. Deciding to wield a katana and using ‘Pet’ Walkers as sentries, Michonne survived effectively on her own. However the innovative Michonne found a family in the group led by Rick Grimes; and her talent, determination, and strength became a valuable asset among them. 

This highly-detailed 10-inch (25cm) figure features the exact likeness, taken from a full 3D scan of the actress, Danai Gurira and includes an authentic in-scale replica of her katana and sheath, as well as a black circular base for perfect dynamic posing.

This Michonne deluxe figure also includes an alternate set of arms to create two iconic character poses - a swinging attack pose that can remove a Walkers head with surgical precision or an alternate stoic defense pose.

10" (25cm) Deluxe Michonne action figure from McFarlane Toys!