Mike Watt | Ring Spiel Tour 95 + Throbble Head Bundle | 2 x LP + Bobble Head

  • $ 49.99

This Bundle Includes a limited edition Mike Watt Throbble Head and for the first time ever Ring Spiel Tour '95

Available for the first time commercially in any format, "ring spiel" tour '95 is a thrilling audio document of Mike Watt's trailblazing 1995 tour, recorded at the legendary Metro club in Chicago and featuring an all-star backing band consisting of Dave Grohl and William Goldsmith on drums and Pat Smear and Eddie Vedder on guitar.

LP 1
1. Walking the Cow (Live)
2. Big Train (Live)
3. Formal Introduction (Live)
4. Against the '70s (Live)
5. Drove Up from Pedro (Live)
6. Habit (Live)
7. Makin' the Freeway (Live)
16 8. Chinese Firedrill (Live)

LP 2
1. Piss-Bottle Man (Live)
2. Forever...One Reporter's Opinion (Live)
3. E-ticket Ride (Live)
4. Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing (Live)
5. Coincidence is Either Hit or Miss (Live)
6. The Red and the Black (Live)
7. Secret Garden (Live)
8. Powerful Hankerin' (Live)