Miles Davis | The Complete In a Silent Way Sessions | 3-CD Set

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This 3-CD set covers a mere six months of Miles Davis's recording activity. But this was a period of rapid change and growth for him. It chronicles the quantum leap from the dissolution of the Shorter-Hancock-Carter-Williams quintet to the startling sound of the Bitches Brew era. With this set, Miles makes a clear and deliberate move away from standards and conventional jazz compositions to texturally and harmonically rich pieces that also lend themselves to loose, open-ended forms on which to solo. This set presents the music of the In A Silent Way session as the musicians performed it as well as in its post-produced and highly edited album form. Although this was a transitional period for Miles, the music he created during this short time was rich and fully formed. Heard in context, it is an impressive body of work and its influence is still felt today in a variety of genres.

The Music:


  1. Mademoiselle Mabry
  2. Frelon Brun
  3. Two Faced
  4. Dual Mr. Anthony Tillmon Williams Process
  5. Splash+
  6. Splashdown*


  1. Ascent
  2. Directions I
  3. Directions II
  4. Shhh/Peaceful+
  5. In A Silent Way (rehearsal)*
  6. In A Silent Way+
  7. It's About That Time+


  1. The Ghetto Walk*
  2. Early Minor*
  3. Shhh/Peaceful (LP version)
  4. In A Silent Way/It's About That Time (LP version)
  • In A Silent Way
  • It's About That Time
  • In A Silent Way

* Previously unissued
+ Previously unissued in its full form