Miles Davis | Tutu | Deluxe Edition 180g Vinyl 2LP

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Miles Davis: Tutu Deluxe Edition on vinyl includes remastered studio album, PLUS unreleased live performances!


Rhino celebrates one of jazz music's most revered and innovative talents with a 2-LP deluxe edition set on 180-gram vinyl of Miles Davis' TUTU, released to coincide with the 30th Anniversary of Davis signing with Warner.


  • The remastered original album on 180g vinyl
  • Bonus 180g LP includes live performances by the Miles Davis Octet of the Nice Jazz Festival of 1986, available for the first time on vinyl
  • Packaging replicates the original album including stickers, LP labels
  • Includes original artwork and photographs by the legendary Irving Penn
  • Liner notes by leading jazz writer Ashley Kahn, who interviewed Marcus Miller and Tommy Lipuma especially for the reissue

30 Years ago, Miles Davis made waves in the music world when he left Columbia Records to sign recording and publishing contracts with Warner Bros. and Warner Chappell in 1985. With a new label to call home, Davis immediately started working on the album, which originally had the working title, Perfect Way, named after a song by new wave pop band Scritti Politti that he was covering on the album. The album was later renamed Tutu by producer Tommy LiPuma, taken from news headlines of the day referencing the well-known South African archbishop and anti-apartheid leader, Desmond Tutu.


To coincide with the 30th Anniversary of Davis signing with Warner, this deluxe 2LP edition includes a remastered LP of the original album and a bonus LP of live performances at the Nice Festival held in 1986, and is packaged with the original artwork featuring photographs by the legendary Irving Penn.


Producer Tommy LiPuma recruited composer and studio musician Marcus Miller to collaborate on the project, who at 27, had already made a name for himself in jazz, R&B and popular music, playing funk, rock, bebop and hip hop. Davis later praised him as being –so hip and into the music that he even walks in tempo . . . in the studio we make a great team." Tutu would feature a variety of tunes that offered a mix of flavors and mood. Besides the title track, four were composed by Miller "Splatch," –Portia," "Don't Lose Your Mind" and "Full Nelson" (the last a tribute to another South African leader, Nelson Mandela). "Tomaas" named by Davis for LiPuma was co-written by Davis and Miller, based on ideas Davis had previously recorded. The selections were rounded out by one cover "Perfect Way," which Davis had initially chosen to be the album's title track.


By that summer, Davis' group was touring Europe. With a four-night run approaching at the Grande Parade du Jazz festival in Nice, France, the decision was made to record the group at its prime. It was a wise choice. Warner Bros. hired a mobile recording truck and all four concerts were taped. "Everybody in the band knew we were being recorded so we were on our game," remembers his nephew, drummer Vince Wilburn. "Miles had an uncanny knack for knowing not only what to record but when and where. Every night was more beautiful than the one before: wonderful weather, captive audiences and the band was on fire."


Tutu pushed Davis back into center stage, winning him two Grammy awards, when even the most reverent seemed to admit that his best music lay in the past. Tutu stands as an important part of the Davis legacy, and a testament to a prolific artist whose boundless creativity continuously redefined a genre throughout his legendary career.


LP Track Listings:



LP 1 - Side 1

1. Tutu

2. Tomaas

3. Portia

4. Splatch


LP 1 - Side 2

1. Backyard Ritual

2. Perfect Way

3. Don't Lose Your Mind

4. Full Nelson



LP 2 - Side 1

1. Portia

2. Human Nature

3. Carnival

LP 2 - Side 2

1. Splatch

2. New Blues