Ministry | Live, Rare, and Early Years | 3LP Vinyl Bundle

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This bundles contains the following records:

TRAX! Rarities -  Special limited edition double LP collection of early rare tracks and versions from Al Jourgensen's Ministry and various side projects pressed on clear vinyl with printed inner sleeve! Includes the super rare RevCo track "Drums Along The Carbide!"

Toronto 1986 -  A special vintage concert by industrial legends Ministry in the midst of their self-reinvention from new wave darlings to the formidable aggro-machine they would become! Recorded at the RPM club in Toronto, Ontario, these never before heard performances include the proto-industrial classics “Every Day Is Halloween,” “All Day,” “My Possession” and more!

KEAH (Psalm 69) - Ministry's 1992 album, Psalm 69 is arguably one of the most important and influential industrial metal albums in music history. Its pounding electric beats, crushing metal guitar riffs and well-placed samples make tracks like "N.W.O," "Justifix" "Psalm 69" and "Jesus Built My Hotrod" sound absolutely collosal and the album's success helped bring industrial metal to the mainstream.


TRAX! Rarities 

- Disc 1 -

1 Ministry - Never Asked for Nothing (Detroit 7.10.82)

2 Ministry - Love Change (Detroit 7.10.82)

3 Ministry - What Is the Reason (Detroit 7.10.82)

4 Ministry - America (Detroit 7.10.82)

5 Ministry - Same Old Madness (1982 Demo)

6 Ministry - Game Is Over (1983 Demo)

7 Ministry - Let's Be Happy (1983 Demo)

8 Ministry - Same Old Scene (1983 Demo)

9 Ministry - Wait (1983 Demo)

- Disc 2 -

1 Ministry - I See Red

2 Ministry - Self Annoyed

3 Revolting Cocks - Fish in Cold Water

4 Revolting Cocks - (Let's Get) Physical (Banned Version)

5 PTP - Show Me Your Spine

6 Pailhead - Don't Stand in Line (Dub Mix)

7 Revolting Cocks - Drums Along the Carbide

8 1000 Homo DJS - Supernaut (Dub Remix)

Toronto 1986 

1. Over The Shoulder
2. My Possession
3. We Believe
4. No Devotion
5. Isle Of Man
6. Where You At Now?
7. All Day
8. Every Day Is Halloween
9. Just Like You

KEAH (Psalm 69) 

1. N.W.O.
2. Just One Fix
3. TV II
4. Hero
5. Jesus Built My Hotrod
6. Scare Crow
7. Psalm 69
8. Corrosion
9. Grace

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