Minor Threat | First 2 7"s | Vinyl LP

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"One of the first albums that got me into hardcore, and spearheaded my lifelong obsession with music in general. Hearing this album for the first time is not something that can be easily described, it just has that special something. Completely visceral, angry and insightful... a true classic that went on to influence just about all of your favorite musicians. While Minor Threat always toed the straight edge line, they were 100% a gateway drug for me, to a lifelong addiction to hardcore & punk rock, thanks guys!"

Favorite Tracks: Seeing Red, Filler, Guilty of Being White

- Ian Edery (popmarket)


Released in March 1984 through Dischord Records, the First 2 7"s compilation consists of the group's first two EPs, Minor Threat (originally released June 1981) and In My Eyes (originally released December 1981). The 1984 Minor Threat LP featured the same cover as the 1981 Minor Theat EP, depicting vocalist Ian MacKaye's younger brother Alec (of the Untouchables, The Faith). The image has been imitated by punk bands such as Rancid on their album... And Out Come the Wolves and in the Major Threat ad campaign by Nike.


LP Track Listing:

1. Filler

2. I Don't Wanna Hear It

3. Seeing Red

4. Straight Edge

5. Small Man, Big Mouth

6. Screaming at a Wall

7. Bottled Violence

8. Minor Threat

9. Stand Up

10. In My Eyes

11. Out of Step (With the World)

12. Guilty of Being White