Nightwish | Oceanborn | Vinyl 2LP

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The classic Nightwish album, Oceanborn, Released on Double Vinyl LP. Completely Remastered and Featuring Live Tracks First of all, Oceanborn is a huge step when thinking about Nightwish's debut album, Angels Fall First. All the elements of folk music and ambience are forgotten, and instead Nightwish have concentrated on using Tarja Turunen's wide voice and playing pure heavy metal. Or, well, another description could be opera metal. Drama and a variety of melodies are used and effective, but overrule all expectations. Songs are catchy and have a long lifetime. Also, the whole band does great work- Holopainen and Vuorinen use their instruments with patience and don't slope into unneeded tricking.


LP Track Listing:


1. Stargazers

2. Gethsemane

3. Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean (featuring Tapio Wilska)

4. Sacrament of Wilderness

5. Passion and the Opera

6. Swanheart

7. Moondance (Instrumental)

8. The Riddler


1. The Pharaoh Sails to Orion (featuring Tapio Wilska)

2. Walking in the Air

3. Sleeping Sun

4. Nightquest

5. Sleeping Sun (live)

6. Swanheart (live)

7. The Pharaoh Sails to Orion (live)