Nightwish | Wishmaster | Vinyl 2LP

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The classic Nightwish album, Wishmaster, Released on Double Vinyl LP - Completely Remastered

Oceanborn wasn't just a hit in Finland, it also opened new doors for Nightwish abroad. So naturally, the pressure to come up with a comparable sophomore album was enormous. Rarely does a band fulfill the demands of a second album successfully, and Nightwish is no exception. Even though Wishmaster is mainly targeted to radio and pop audiences, it does succeed somewhat. Even more demanding listeners will find this as enjoyable as they did Oceanborn. The same patterns repeat, and every track's hook is based on a powerful intro and a simple chorus. Their charm is in their overflowing drama and, as it was on their first album, the whole concept can be described as "operatic metal."

LP Track Listing:

1. She Is My Sin

2. The Kinslayer (featuring Ike Vil)

3. Come Cover Me

4. Wanderlust

5. Two for Tragedy

6. Wishmaster

7. Bare Grace Misery

8. Crownless

9. Deep Silent Complete

10. Dead Boy's Poem (featuring Sam Hardwick)

11. FantasMic

12. Sleepwalker (original version)

13. Wanderlust (live)

14. Deep Silent Complete (live)