NOFX | First Ditch Effort | Limited Edition Pink Vinyl LP

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Pink Colored Vinyl

Limited Edition "Ten Bands One Cause" 2016 Vinyl Pressing


Fat Wreck Chords presents "First Ditch Effort," the thirteenth album from punk-lifers, NOFX. The new album features the single "Six Years On Dope." 


LP Track Listing:

1. Six Years On Dope

2. Happy Father’s Day

3. Sid And Nancy

4. California Drought

5. Oxy Moronic

6. I Don’t Like Me Anymore

7. I’m A Transvest-lite

8. Ditch Effort

9. Dead Beat Mom

10. Bye Bye Biopsy Girl

11. It Ain’t Lonely At The Bottom

12. I’m So Sorry Tony

13. Generation Z