Panda Bear | Tomboy | Limited Edition 180g Vinyl 4LP Box Set

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With Tomboy, Panda Bear (Noah Lennox) has created a more plaintive atmosphere, but in accordance with the conflicting image of its title, the highs of the album balance out its lows.

Limited Edition 4 LP box set of Tomboy by Panda Bear _ a record, massive in its span of emotion, genre, and sound, is the welcome return of one of the most prolific and consistent audio pioneers in recent memory.

  • Limited Edition 4 x 180g LP Box
  • Features the Tomboy full length on 2 LPs, the Tomboy single mixes on 1 LP and several unreleased instrumentals and A Cappellas, plus –The Preakness"
  • 16 page art booklet
  • Limited Edition of 5000 worldwide
  • Animal Collective tour North America this fall
  • Panda Bear solo show at Pitchfork in Paris on Oct. 31st
  • Panda Bear appeared as a guest vocalist on the track "Doin' It Right" on Daft Punk's recent album Random Access Memories
  • All profits from the sale of this set will go to the American Cancer Society

Noah Lennox adopted the name Panda Bear in the late '90s, when he drew a picture of a panda on one of his first bedroom studio recordings. He grew up in Pennsylvania, went to college at the Boston University, and eventually found his way to New York City, where he met his future Animal Collective bandmates Avey Tare, Geologist, and Deakin. In addition to his work with Animal Collective, Jane, and Together, Lennox has released several solo albums. For his fourth solo album, Lennox made the decision to move away from samplers towards a more guitar-heavy sound. Working with producer Sonic Boom, Lennox released Tomboy, in 2011

This Limited Edition 4 LP box set features the Tomboy full length on 2 LPs, the Tomboy single mixes on 1 LP and several Tomboy unreleased instrumentals and a cappellas, plus "The Preakness" and a 16 page art booklet. Limited Edition of 5000 worldwide. There will be no CD or digital release for this set. Vinyl will be the only format.


LP Track Listing:

_LP 1 (Expanded Album)
1. You Can Count On Me
2. Tomboy
3. Slow Motion
4. Surfers Hymn
5. Last Night At The Jetty
6. Drone

LP 2 (Expanded Album)
1. The Preakness
2. Alsatian Darn
3. Scheherazade
4. Friendship Bracelet
5. Afterburner
6. Benfica

LP 3 (Single Mixes)
1. Drone
2. Tomboy
3. Last Night At The Jetty
4. Surfers Hymn
5. Scheherazade
6. Benfica
7. Slow Motion
8. Friendship Bracelet
9. Alsatian Darn
10. Bullseye
11. You Can Count On Me

LP 4 (A Cappellas And Instrumentals)
1. Alsatian Darn (Instrumental)
2. Slow Motion (Instrumental)
3. Friendship Bracelet (Instrumental)
4. Drone (Instrumental)
5. Last Night At The Jetty (Instrumental)
6. You Can Count On Me (A Cappella)
7. Alsatian Darn (A Cappella)
8. Slow Motion (A Cappella)
9. Afterburner (A Cappella)
10. Drone (A Cappella)