Pink Floyd | 1970 - 1972 - The Early Records II | 3 LP Vinyl Bundle

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Continue on your Pink Floyd exploration with their early 70's output, including their first #1 record Atom Heart Mother, the experimental journey of Meddle and '72's Obscured By Clouds, which was first recorded as a movie soundtrack, but was released as a standalone album instead. 

Included in the 1970 - 1972 Early Records Vinyl Bundle II are:

Atom Heart Mother (1970) - Floyd's first #1 album in the UK, featuring the grandiose & epic 23-minute title track, a sonic exploration in six movements. 

Meddle (1971) - An exploration of mood, texture and elongated compositions, Meddle is a glimpse into the future of a band that was on the cusp of something great.

Obscured By Clouds (1972) - Released in the late spring of 1972, when the band had already begun the writing process for what was to become The Dark Side Of The Moon, Obscured By Clouds was originally intended to be a series of broad audio pieces that could be edited into the final cut of the film, but instead ended up producing a full selection of fully-realized songs, including "Free Four" and "Childhood's End".


LP Track Listing: 

Atom Heart Mother

1. Atom Heart Mother

2. If

3. Summer '68

4. Fat Old Sun

5. Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast



1. One Of These Days

2. A Pillow of Winds

3. Fearless

4. San Tropez

5. Seamus

6. Echoes


Obscured By Clouds

1. Obscured by Clouds

2. When You're In

3. Burning Bridges

4. The Gold It's in the...

5. Wot's...Uh the Deal

6. Mudmen

7. Childhood's End

8. Free Four

9. Stay

10. Absolutely Curtains