Placebo | A Place For Us To Dream: 20 Years Of Placebo | Limited Edition 180g 4LP Vinyl Box Set

  • $ 69.99


4 180 Gram Heavyweight Vinyl LPs Housed In A Special Hard Case Box

24-Page Book With Never-Before-Seen Photos, Curated By Brian Molko & Stefan Olsdal, From Throughout The Band’s 20-Year Career

Includes a digital download card for hi-res .wav files of all tracks

Placebo celebrates an incredible 20 years with the release of a must have retrospective album "A Place For Us To Dream - 20 Years Of Placebo."

The 36-track collection includes new single Jesus’ Son, Without You I’m Nothing (feat. David Bowie), and plenty of single edits. 

Track Listing:

LP 1
1. Pure Morning (Radio Edit)
2. Jesus’ Son (Radio Edit)
3. Come Home
4. Every You Every Me (Single Version)
5. Too Many Friends
6. Nancy Boy (Radio Edit)
7. 36 Degrees (Version 2016)
8. Taste In Men (Radio Edit)
9. The Bitter End

LP 2
1. Without You I'm Nothing (feat. David Bowie)
2. English Summer Rain (Single Verison)
3. Breathe Underwater (Slow)
4. Soulmates
5. Meds (feat. Alison Mosshart)
6. Bright Lights (Single Version)
7. Song To Say Goodbye (Radio Edit)v 8. Infra-Red
9. Running Up That Hill

LP 3
1. B3 (Radio Edit)
2. For What It’s Worth
3. Teenage Angst
4. You Don’t Care About Us (Radio Edit)
5. Ashtray Heart
6. Broken Promise (feat. Michael Stipe)
7. Slave To The Wage (Radio Edit)
8. Bruise Pristine (Radio Edit)
9. This Picture
10. Protégé Moi

LP 4
1. Because I Want You (Redux Version)
2. Black-Eyed
3. Lazarus
4. I Know (Version 2008)
5. A Million Little Pieces (Radio Edit)
6. Special Needs (Radio Edit)
7. Special K
8. Loud Like Love