Rory Gallagher | Irish Tour '74 | Vinyl 2LP

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In 1974, award winning film maker Tony Palmer followed Rory Gallagher and his band on their tour of Ireland. The subsequent movie was released in cinemas to great critical acclaim and has gone on to be accepted as one of the great rock films. This newly remastered double live album compiled of recordings made during this tour, that included troubled Belfast, would give him one of his best-ever gigs, recorded for posterity on this album, and in the eponymous rockumentary. Irish Tour '74 has sold in excess of two million copies world-wide and is a must for any Rory fan wanting their live fix.


LP 1 - Side A
1. Cradle Rock
2. I Wonder Who
3. Tattoo'd Lady

LP 1 - Side B
1. Too Much Alcohol
2. As the Crow Flies
3. A Million Miles Away

LP 2 - Side A
1. Walk on Hot Coals
2. Who's That Coming?

LP 2 - Side B
1. Back on My Stompin' Ground (After Hours)
2. Maritime