Roy Orbison | The MGM Years | Collector's Edition 180g Vinyl 14 LP Box Set

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The MGM Years is the largest compilation of Roy Orbison music to date!

Roy Orbison's historic MGM catalog chronicled in 'The MGM Years' Box Set' - commemorating 50th Anniversary of groundbreaking MGM signing!

  • The MGM Years - Recorded from 1965 through 1973, box set contains all of Roy's 11 MGM studio albums, the soundtrack to The Fastest Guitar Alive and an album of B-sides and singles from that era.
  • This is some of Roy Orbison's best, but also perhaps least known workãnow all together for the first time with fully restored art and sound.
  • All 152 songs in this set were transferred from the original multi-track tapes
  • Featuring a 65-page booklet filled with rare photos and liner notes by Alex Orbison,
  • The box set is available as a special 14 disc 180-gram vinyl release
  • All this material has been out of print for decades
  • A collector's dream!

2015 marks a historic 50-year milestone for music legend Roy Orbison. On July 1, 1965, "The Big O" left Monument Records and signed with MGM Records, going on to release 11 studio albums, a film soundtrack and 27 singles over the course of the following eight years, and at the same time scoring another 11 worldwide Top 40 hits. In recognition of this golden anniversary of Orbison's signing of one of the most lucrative and groundbreaking record deals of the era, comes The MGM Years - as a special 14 disc 180-gram vinyl release.

The MGM Years box set finally puts all of these fabulous records in one place. These include the 11 original studio albums, the much sought after soundtrack to The Fastest Guitar Alive and a newly created compilation album called MGM B-Sides & Singles that contains all 12 MGM era singles and B-sides that otherwise weren't included in any album; in all, 152 glorious Roy Orbison tracks. Each song was additionally re-EQ'd and balanced by Roy's son Alex and GRAMMY-winning engineer Chuck Turner to bring the masters back to their original warm vinyl sound. All this amazing material has been generally out of circulation for decades! Each original album comes with fully restored artwork and each album has been fastidiously remastered by GRAMMY-winning engineer Richard Dodd. The box set includes a beautifully bound booklet with extensive liner notes written by Alex Orbison, Roy's youngest son, and never before seen photos.


LP Track Listings:


Side A:

1. Ride Away

2. You Fool You

3. Two of A Kind

4. This Is Your Song

5. I'm In A Blue, Blue Mood

6. If You can't Say Something Nice


Side B:

1. Claudette

2. Afraid to Sleep

3. Sugar and Honey

4. Summer Love

5. Big As I Can Dream

6. Wondering



Side A:

1. Crawling Back

2. It Ain't No Big Thing (Just Say So Long)

3. Time Changed Everything

4. This Is My Land

5. The Loner

6. Maybe


Side B:

1. Breaking Up Is Breaking My Heart

2. Go Away

3. A New Star

4. Never

5. It Wasn't Very Long Ago

6. Why Hurt the One Who Loves You



Side A:

1. You'll Never Be Sixteen Again

2. Pantomime

3. Twinkle Toes

4. Losing You

5. City Life

6. Wait


Side B:

1. Growing Up

2. Where Is Tomorrow

3. (No) I'll Never Get Over You

4. Going Back To Gloria

5. Just Another Name For Rock And Roll

6. Never Love Again



Side A:

1. (I'd Be) A Legend In My Time

2. (Yes) I'm Hurting

3. The Same Street

4. Far, Far Away

5. Big Hearted Me

6. Sweet Dreams


Side B:

1. Oh, Such A Stranger

2. Blue, Blue Day

3. What About Me

4. Give Myself A Party

5. Too Soon To Know

6. Lonesome Number One



Side A:

1. Whirlwind

2. Medicine Man

3. River

4. The Fastest Guitar Alive

5. Rollin' On


Side B:

1. Pistolero

2. Good Time Party

3. Heading South

4. Best Friend

5. There Won't Be many Coming Home



Side A:

1. She

2. Communication Breakdown

3. Cry Softly, Lonely One

4. Girl Like Mine

5. It Takes One (To Know One)

6. Just Let Me Make Believe


Side B:

1. Here Comes the Rain, Baby

2. That's A No No

3. Memories

4. Time To Cry

5. Only Alive



Side A:

1. Truly Truly True

2. Unchained Melody

3. I Recommend Her

4. More

5. Heartache

6. Amy


Side B:

1. Good Morning, Dear

2. What Now My Love

3. Walk On

4. Yesterday's Child

5. Try To Remember



Side A:

1. Kaw Liga

2. Hey Good Lookin'

3. Jambalaya (On the Bayou)

4. (Last Night) I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep

5. You Win Again

6. Your Cheatin' Heart


Side B:

1. Cold, Cold Heart

2. A Mansion On the Hill

3. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)

4. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight

5. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry


BIG O (1970)

Side A:

1. Break My Mind

2. Help Me, Rhonda

3. Only You

4. Go, Go, Go (Down the Line)

5. Money

6. When I Stop Dreaming


Side B:

1. Loving Touch

2. Land of A Thousand Dances

3. Scarlet Ribbons (For Her hair)

4. She Won't Hang Her Love Out (On the Line)

5. Casting My Spell On You

6. Penny Arcade



Side A:

1. God Love You

2. Beaujolais

3. If Only For Awhile

4. Rings of Gold

5. Help Me

6. Plain Jane country


Side B:

1. Harlem Woman

2. Cheyenne

3. Changes

4. It Takes All Kinds of People

5. Remember the Good


MEMPHIS (1972)

Side A:

1. Memphis, Tennessee

2. Why A Woman Cries

3. Run, Baby, Run (Back Into My Arms)

4. Take Care of Your Woman

5. I'm the Man On Susie's Mind

6. I Can't Stop Loving You


Side B:

1. Run the Engines Up High

2. It Ain't No Big Thing (But It's Growing)

3. I Fought the Law

4. The Three Bells

5. Danny Boy



Side A:

1. I Wanna Live

2. You Don't Know Me

3. California Sunshine Girl

4. Words

5. Blue Rain (Coming Down)

6. Drift Away


Side B:

1. You Lay So Easy On My Mind

2. The World You Live In

3. Sweet Caroline

4. I've Been Loving You Too Long

5. The Morning After



1. So Good

2. Born to Be Loved by You

3. Shy Away

4. Flowers

5. Sugar Man

6. My Friend

7. Southbound Jericho Parkway

8. Tennessee Owns My Soul

9. She Cheats On Me

10. How Do You Start Over

11. So Young

12. If I Had a Woman Like You

13. (Love Me Like You Did It) Last Night

14. Close Again

15. I Can Read Between the Lines

16. Sooner or Later