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This bundle includes the documentary Time Stand Still DVD or Bluray and the following 3 Albums 2112, Exit ... Stage Left, and Moving Pictures.

Time Stand Still - This feature-length documentary chronicles the final tour for legendary rock band Rush. It is an intimate view of a historic moment from the perspective of the band, their fans, crew, and management. Featuring interviews throughout their sold-out 2015 40th Anniversary tour, it also shows rarely seen backstage footage capturing the final moments of life on the road, as well as the impact of their unparalleled fanbase. Narration by Paul Rudd + 67 minutes of never-before-released bonus content.

2112 - RUSH’s 4th album, 1st released in 1976, recounts a dystopian future set in 2112. Most fans consider 2112 the band’s definitive album. Certified triple-platinum, 2112 is #2 on Rolling Stone’s ‘Your Favorite Prog Rock Albums of All Time.

Exit ... Stage Left - A 2LP live album recorded during the Moving Pictures tour at the Montreal Forum and in Glasgow, Scotland. Remastered from the analogue tapes and pressed on 200 gram vinyl.

Moving Pictures -  Moving Pictures is the eighth studio album by Canadian rock band Rush. Moving Pictures became the band's biggest selling album in the US rising to #3 on the Billboard charts and remains the band's most popular and commercially successful studio recording to date. Remastered from the analogue tapes and pressed on 200 gram vinyl.



1. Overture

2. The Temples of Syrinx

3. Discovery

4. Presentation

5. Oracle: The Dream

6. Soliloquy

7. Grand Finale

8. A Passage to Bangkok

9. The Twilight Zone

10. Lessons

11. Tears

12. Something for Nothing

Exit ... Stage Left 

- Disc 1 -
1 The Spirit of Radio (Side A)
2 Red Barchetta (Side A)
3 Yyz (Side A)
4 A Passage to Bangkok (Side B)
5 Closer to the Heart (Side B)
6 Beneath, Between & Behind (Side B)
7 Jacob's Ladder (Side B)

- Disc 2 -
1 Broon's Bane (Side A)
2 The Trees (Side A)
3 Xanadu (Side A)
4 Freewill (Side B)
5 Tom Sawyer (Side B)
6 La Villa Strangiato (Side B)

Moving Pictures 

1 Tom Sawyer (Side A)
2 Red Barchetta (Side A)
3 Yyz (Side A)
4 Limelight (Side A)
5 The Camera Eye (Side B)
6 Witch Hunt (Side B)
7 Vital Signs (Side B)

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