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Limited 180 gram vinyl LP pressing includes bonus CD edition. , also referred to as Untitled, The Bracket Album or Svigaplatan, is the third album from Sigur Rós, originally released in 2002. With eight untitled tracks and divided into two parts: the first is lighter and more optimistic, while the second is bleaker and more melancholic. Original artwork reproduction, cut by Simon Davey at The Exchange in London, pressed by Optimal Media in Germany.


Track listing:

1 Vaka (The name of Orri's daughter)
2 Frysta (The First Song)
3 Samskeyti (Joints or attachment)
4 Njósnavélin (AKA The Nothing Song/The Spy Machine)
5 Álafoss (The location of the band's studio)
6 E-Bow [Georg uses an e-bow on his bass in this song.]
7 Dauðalagið (The Death Song)
8 Popplagið (The Pop Song)