Sisters of Mercy | Vision Thing Era | 180g 4LP Vinyl Box Set

  • $ 74.99

A new set coming out this summer spotlights The Sisters of Mercy's third studio release, Vision Thing. Presented in an attractive slipcase, the set includes the original album and three 12" singles from the album, all pressed on 180-gram vinyl: "More," "Doctor Jeep," and "When You Don't See Me."
Additional highlights include a non-album b-side, extended mix, and live recordings.

This hard-driving album has a feverish pace and dense atmospherics, fueled by a potent combination of raw performances, fist-pumping rhythms, and political anger.

LP Track Listing:

1. Vision Thing
2. Ribbons
3. Detonation Boulevard
4. Something Fast
5. When You Don’t See Me
6. Doctor Jeep
7. More
8. I Was Wrong

More (12″)
1. More
2. You Could Be The One

Dr. Jeep (12″)
1. Doctor Jeep (Extended Mix)
2. Knocking On Heaven’s Door (Live 1985)

When You Don’t See Me (12″)
1. When You Don’t See Me (Remix)
2. Ribbons (Live, November 1990)
3. Something Fast (Live, November 1990)