Sleater-Kinney | Start Together | Limited Edition 7LP Vinyl Box Set (Second Edition)

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"America's best rock band." - Greil Marcus, Time Magazine

Sleater-Kinney Start Together: 1994-2006 _ Limited edition, career-spanning 7LP box set includes newly remastered albums Sleater-Kinney, Call the Doctor, Dig Me Out, The Hot Rock, All Hands On the Bad One, One Beat & The Woods + 44-page book + art print + limited 7" + download!

  • Career spanning 7LP box set 
  • Second edition of the deluxe box set pressed on black vinyl
  • 44-page hardcover book of unreleased photos from the band's personal collection
  • Art print
  • Limited one-sided 7" with an etching of the band's autographs on the B-side.
  • Albums remastered from the original analog tapes by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound
  • MP3 download coupon with WAV and FLAC options
  • Limited Edition of 3000 copies

The wildly acclaimed and influential band Sleater-Kinney _ formed in Olympia, Washington in 1994 _ consisted of a core line-up of Corin Tucker (vocals and guitar), Carrie Brownstein (guitar and vocals) and Janet Weiss (drums). Over the course of a breakneck seven albums in ten years, Sleater-Kinney took rock music in a new direction combining raw punk energy and an unabashedly political stance, and were an integral part of the riot grrrl and indie rock scenes in the Pacific Northwest. Time magazine's Greil Marcus called Sleater-Kinney "America's best rock band" while Rob Sheffield went a step further hailing them as "America's best punk band ever" in Rolling Stone.

Start Together is a deluxe box set compiling all seven of Sleater-Kinney's critically-acclaimed albums on quality black vinyl, plus a 44-page hardcover book and an art print. Each album has been freshly remastered by Greg Calbi for this release. The box also includes a limited one-sided 7" of the song –Bury Our Friends" (the first new song from the band in nearly a decade years) with an etching of the band's autographs on the B-side.

LP Track Listings:

Side 1
1. Don't Think You Wanna
2. The Day I Went Away
3. A Real Man
4. Her Again
5. How to Play Dead

Side 2
1. Be Yr Mama
2. Sold Out
3. Slow Song
4. Lora's Song
5. The Last Song

Side 1
1. Call the Doctor
2. Hubcap
3. Little Mouth
4. Anonymous
5. Stay Where You Are
6. Good Things

Side 2
1. I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
2. Taking Me Home
3. Taste Test
4. My Stuff
5. I'm Not Waiting
6. Heart Attack

Side 1
1. Dig Me Out
2. One More Hour
3. Turn It On
4. The Drama You've Been Craving
5. Heart Factory
6. Words and Guitar
7. It's Enough

Side 2
1. Little Babies"
2. Not What You Want
3. Buy Her Candy
4. Things You Say
5. Dance Song '97
6. Jenny

Side 1
1. Start Together
2. Hot Rock
3. The End of You
4. Burn, Don't Freez
5. God Is a Number
6. Banned from the End of the World
7. Don't Talk Like

Side 2
1. Get Up
2. One Song for You
3. The Size of Our Love
4. Living in Exile
5. Memorize Your Lines
6. A Quarter to Three

Side 1
1. The Ballad of a Ladyman
2. Ironclad
3. All Hands on the Bad One
4. Youth Decay
5. You're No Rock n' Roll Fun
6. #1 Must Have

Side 2
1. The Professional
2. Was It a Lie?
3. Male Model
4. Leave You Behind
5. Milkshake n' Honey"
6. Pompeii"
7. The Swimmer"

Side 1
1. One Beat
2. Far Away
3. Oh!
4. The Remainder
5. Light Rail Coyote
6. Step Aside

Side 2
1. Combat Rock
2. O2
3. Funeral Song
4. Prisstina
5. Hollywood Ending
6. Sympathy

LP 1 _ Side 1
1. The Fox
2. Wilderness
3. What's Mine Is Yours
4. Jumpers

LP 1 _ Side 2
1. Modern Girl
2. Entertain
3. Rollercoaster
4. Steep Air

LP 2 _ Side 1
1. Let's Call It Love
2. Night Light