The Walking Dead | Suit Walker Zombie Mask

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The Suit / Bus Walker, also known by fans as the "Kevin Bacon" Walker, Rick encounters this creature when visiting Atlanta in the first episode of the TV series "Days Gone Bye".


Arriving on horseback, Rick first notices the Suit / Bus Walker, dressed in a bloody and mangled suit and tie sitting quietly on the remains of a bus. The Suit / Bus Walker spots Rick on his horse and shambles off the bus in slow decaying pursuit. Rick dismisses him and the other few Walkers as well and continues on. After seeing a helicopter in the reflection of an office building, Rick wanders directly into the path of a Walker hoard. When the hoard attacks and devours his horse, Rick drops his bags of guns and scrambles for cover in the safety of an army tank. Meanwhile, the Suit / Bus Walker watches on.


The Suit / Bus Walker is a highly detailed Halloween mask sculpted by Neal Kennemore, the Artist that sculpted a number of The Walking Dead Walkers for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights - The Walking Dead Maze, using hundreds of screen references, the Suit / Bus Walker Mask looks like it came right off the screen of The Walking Dead.


So get yourself the Officially Licensed The Walking Dead Suit / Bus Walker Mask, our Walker Chest and some torn up clothes and go out and stalk the living this Halloween!