The Beatles | Beatles for Sale | 180g Vinyl LP

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Sourced From the Original Master Tapes

Pressed on 180 Gram Vinyl

Cut at Abbey Road Studios

The Beatles for sale is the fourth Studio Album from The Beatles. After Lennon met Bob Dylan on tour, an influence immediately swept him over and crept into his song writing. A good example of this are the songs, "I Don't Want To Spoil The Party" and "I'm a Loser". This album also has the band back to doing a slew of covers due to there rigorous touring schedule but still being able to create great compositions like, "I Feel Fine" and its B-side, "She's a Woman", which for some reason were not included on the album.

Being at the height of Beatlemania and the forth Beatles record in 21 months, most of the song writing and production were done either in the studio or days off from performances, with the bulk of the album being done in about three weeks. When finally released on December 4th 1964 it began a 46 week long run in the charts knocking there last album off the top of the charts for seven weeks.

A team consisting of some of the best producers and engineers in the recording industry were brought together and would spend 4 long years mixing and mastering with some of the most state of the art recording equipment. treating these records much like a science experiment, engineers ran extensive tests before copying the analog master tapes over into a digital format using 24-bit/192 kHz resolution, and carefully removing clicks, vocal pops and poor edits. Never altering the original songs them selves, just polishing them up a bit.

LP Track Listing:

1 No Reply

2 I'm a Loser

3 Baby's in Black

4 Rock and Roll Music

5 I'll Follow the Sun

6 Mr. Moonlight

7 Kansas City : Hey - Hey

8 Eight Days a Week

9 Words of Love

10 Honey Don't

11 Every Little Thing

12 I Don't Want to Spoil the Party

13 What You're Doing

14 Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby