The Cars | The Cars Greatest Hits | Limited Edition 180g Vinyl LP

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First Time Audiophile Vinyl Release!

Mastered from the Original Elektra Records tapes by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music and Capitol Mastering

180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl

Limited Edition

Gatefold Cover

The legendary alternative rockers The Cars set the music world on fire back in 1977 with their superstar brand of rock and roll. Augmented with the brilliant musicianship of members Ric Ocasek (Benjamin Orr, Elliot Easton, David Robinson and Greg Hawkes), their initial offerings would prove to become the huge catalyst for things to come. For their next sixth smash albums, The Cars, Candy-O, Panorama, Shake It Up, Heartbeat City and Door to Door, the singles and hit album tracks would take the band to the top of all the popular music charts as these masterpiece albums would become classic rock manna for the ages. Their performances were of legendary proportion, which still makes them one of the most successful live acts of the classic rock era.

With massive radio airplay and of course an amazing string of number one singles and hit albums, The Cars to this day are still revered and loved by their continual growing legion of fans worldwide. After delivering a plethora of hits in rapid succession for Elektra Records, the label honored this hugely popular band with their incredible greatest hits album simply titled The Cars Greatest Hits. Filled with a treasure trove of chart topping singles and hit album tracks from their smash albums, this incredible 1985 effort awarded these rock legends with one of the biggest greatest hits albums ever released, with over six million units sold! No stone is left unturned, as this 12 track masterpiece is loaded with hit after hit with smash singles like Just What I Needed, Drive, Let's Go, Good Times Roll, Shake It Up and My Best Friend's Girl. As one of the most enduring albums in their massive career catalog, The Cars Greatest Hits includes even more significant hit tracks like the power ballad I'm Not the One and more hard rock classic hits like Touch and Go, You Might Think and the number one rocker made especially for this album Tonight She Comes.

All in all, a collection of songs which took the fans by storm, forever associating the title superstars to The Cars franchise. As a another fine installment in The Cars Friday Music Original Recording Master Series, we are pleased to announce for the very first time ever on audiophile vinyl The Cars Greatest hits. Mastered impeccably from the original Elektra Records tapes by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and at Capitol Records, this amazing classic truly shines in the audiophile vinyl domain. To enhance your limited edition album experience, this first time audiophile vinyl release is also for a very short time being offered in a wonderful gatefold cover presentation. Welcome back to the amazing The Cars Greatest HitsÄan audiophile first time vinyl release, only from your friends at Friday Music. I Like The Nightlife BabyÄ

LP Track Listing:

_Just What I Needed
Since You're Gone
You Might Think
Good Times Roll
Touch And Go
Tonight She Comes
My Best Friend's Girl
Let's Go
I'm Not The One
Shake It Up