The Cure | The First Six Albums - 180g Vinyl Bundle

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Load up your collection with The Cure's first six albums, all pressed on 180g and available together at one special low price! Included in this incredible bundle are:

Three Imaginary Boys (1979) - The classic debut album, showcasing the band at their most minimal & raw. 

Seventeen Seconds (1980) - The sophomore album, where they took a turn towards the darker, more unsettling sound with which they're now synonymous. 

Faith (1981) - The Cure's highest commercial success to date, climbing to #14 on the British charts and seeing the band secure themselves as the leading gothic rock band in the world. 

Pornography (1982) - On Pornography, the band began working with a new producer, Phil Thornalley, leading NME reviewer Dave Hill to describe the album as sounding like "Phil Spector in hell."

The Top (1984) - The band's commercial success continued to snowball, with the album landing at #10 on the charts.

The Head On The Door (1985) - In 1985, The Head on the Door took the band down a more pop-oriented route, with alternative radio mainstays like "Close to Me" and "In Between Days." With this album, The Cure established a higher profile in the US and in France (as well as in the UK); the album was certified gold in all three countries.



LP Track Listings:


Three Imaginary Boys

1. 10:15 Saturday Night

2. Accuarcy

3. Grinding Halt

4. Another Day

5. Object

6. Subway Song

7. Foxy Lady

8. Meat Hook

9. So What

10. Fire In Cairo

11. It's Not You

12. Three Imaginary Boys

13. The Weedy Burton 


Seventeen Seconds

1. Reflection

2. Play for Today

3. Secrets

4. In Your House

5. Three

6. The Final Sound

7. A Forest

8. M

9. At Night

10. Seventeen Seconds 



1. The Holy Hour

2. Primary

3. Other Voices

4. All Cats Are Grey

5. The Funeral Party

6. Doubt

7. The Drowning Man

8. Faith 



1. One Hundred Years

2. A Short Term Effect

3. The Hanging Garden

4. Siamese Twins

5. The Figurehead

6. A Strange Day

7. Cold

8. Pornography


The Top

1. Shake Dog Shake

2. Birdmad Girl

3. Wailing Wall

4. Give Me It

5. Dressing Up

6. The Caterpillar

7. Piggy In The Mirror

8. The Empty World

9. Bananafishbones

10. The Top


The Head On The Door

1. In Between Days

2. Kyoto Song

3. The Blood

4. Six Different Ways

5. Push

6. The Baby Screams

7. Close to Me

8. A Night Like This

9. Screw

10. Sinking