The Damned | Another Live Album from the Damned | 6 180g Vinyl LP

  • $ 35.98

Limited double 180gm clear vinyl LP pressing of this previously unreleased live album from Punk stalwarts The Damned. Recorded at the Manchester Academy during their 2010 UK tour. This brilliant quality live recording comes as part of the bands GRAVEYARD CHRONICLES series exploring the band's unreleased and rare recordings. This set captures some of your Damned favorites plus tracks rarely seen on a Damned set list - it's been a while since they played 'Fish'! Play it at your sister!

1 Wait for the Blackout
2 Disco Man
3 I Just Can't Be Happy Today
4 Perfect Sunday
5 Thrill Kill
6 Love Song
7 Neverland
8 Gun Fury
9 Eloise
10 Limit Club
11 Song. Com
12 New Rose
13 Fish
14 Bad Time for Bonzo
15 Shadow of Love
16 Neat Neat Neat
17 Stretcher Case
18 Fan Club
19 Satisfy You
20 Thanks for the Night
21 Smash It Up