The Notwist | Neon Golden | Vinyl LP

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"Neon Golden is replete with textured sounds, drifting (and occasionally driving) pulsations, and mesmerizing hypno-rhythms. It's been quite a while since the last time I actually felt I've been with a record like this. Sounds odd, but that's exactly the feeling I've received over the last two weeks. And when you've got that much time to spend with a record, it becomes an entity in and of itself. Most times with a record review, you get a few precursory listens and then by number five or six, you're spitting out a review. Not so here. With well over fifty listens to this disc, it's like a relationship has begun to spring forth out of the ether. I guess you could say Neon Golden and me have become well acquainted and it's already akin to hanging with an old friend. Given that amount of time, realizations occur. One of my first was that, in many ways, this record is about textures: electronic bleats, pulsing waves, the mixture of organic instruments with digital blips and loops, and most notably the serenity of Markus Acher's voice."

- Pitchfork - 9.2 Rating

LP Track Listing:

1. One Step Inside Doesn't Mean You Understand

2. Pilot

3. Pick Up the Phone

4. Trashing Days

5. This Room

6. Solitaire

7. One With the Freaks

8. Neon Golden

9. Off the Rails

10. Consequence