The Turtles | 45 RPM Vinyl Singles Collection | Vinyl 7" Set

  • $ 49.99

The Turtles 45 RPM Singles Collection 7" Vinyl Box Set on eight remastered 7-inch vinyl discs, includes all their hits, including their cover of Bob Dylans' –It Ain't Me Babe," –Happy Together" –She'd Rather Be with Me," –You Showed Me" (written by the Byrds' Jim (Roger) McGuinn & Gene Clark) along with several other lesser known gems from the Turtles' catalog, including the Warren Zevon_penned –Outside Chance" and –Love in the City," which was produced by the Kinks' Ray Davies.

Includes the following:

Disc 1:
Side A: It Ain't Me Babe
Side B: You Don't Have To Walk In the Rain

Disc 2:
Side A: Let Me Be
Side B: Love In the City

Disc 3:
Side A: You Baby
Side B: You Know What I Mean

Disc 4:
Side A: Happy Together
Side B: Grim Reaper of Love

Disc 5:
Side A: She'd Rather Me With Me
Side B: Story of Rock and Roll

Disc 6:
Side A: She's My Girl
Side B: Can I Get To Know You Better

Disc 7:
Side A: Elenore
Side B: Outside Chance

Disc 8:
Side A: You Showed Me
Side B: Sound Asleep