The Velvet Underground | Loaded: Re-Loaded 45th Anniversary Edition | 5CD/1DVD Box Set

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Jenny's life was saved by –Rock and Roll" in the classic Velvet Underground song of the same name. A similar fate has befallen many of those who've heard Loaded, the 1970 album that included the song. In 1997, the album's legend grew when Rhino introduced Fully Loaded, a double-CD with unreleased versions of every song on the original, and more.


Now, one of the greatest albums of all time will return as a six-disc collection. LOADED: RE-LOADED 45TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION.


Remastered stereo and mono versions of the album fill out the first two discs, along with various outtakes, and the mono mix for the unissued single: –Rock & Roll" b/w –Lonesome Cowboy Bill." The third disc explores the creative process behind many of the songs on the album with more than 20 demos, early versions and alternate mixes.


Also included is a remastered version of Live At Max's Kansas City, which was recorded at the storied New York nightclub on August 23, 1970, the day Lou Reed left the band. Along with the performances from the original 1972 album, the disc includes additional performances selected from the expanded version of the album that Rhino introduced in 2004.


Fans will be excited to hear the unreleased club performance featured on the fifth disc. It was recorded on May 9, 1970 at the Second Fret in Philadelphia by Bob Kachnycz, a fan who hitchhiked to the show and recorded it on reel-to-reel. The band was down to a trio that night: Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison and Doug Yule, who alternated between bass and drums to fill in for Moe Tucker, who was pregnant at the time. Loaded, which came out six months after the show, is well represented with seven songs, including: –Cool It Down," –Oh! Sweet Nuthin'" and –Sweet Jane."


The final disc is an audio only DVD that features three different mixes of Loaded:

« Surround Sound Remix in DTS and Dolby Digital

« 96/24 High resolution Stereo Downmix

« 96/24 High resolution Original Stereo Mix

For the Surround Sound and Stereo Downmix, the original track listing has been re-sequenced slightly to include the segue that was originally planned for –I Found A Reason/Head Held High."


Track Listings:


Disc One: Loaded Remastered

1. Who Loves The Sun

2. Sweet Jane _ Full Length Version

3. Rock & Roll _ Full Length Version

4. Cool It Down

5. New Age

6. Head Held High

7. Lonesome Cowboy Bill

8. I Found A Reason

9. Train Round The Bend

10. Oh! Sweet Nuthin'


Session Outtakes:

11. I'm Sticking With You _ New Remix

12. Ocean

13. I Love You

14. Ride Into The Sun


Disc Two: Loaded Remastered: Promotional Mono Version

1. Who Loves The Sun

2. Sweet Jane _ Full Length Version

3. Rock & Roll _ Full Length Version

4. Cool It Down

5. New Age

6. Head Held High

7. Lonesome Cowboy Bill

8. I Found A Reason

9. Train Round The Bend

10. Oh! Sweet Nuthin'


Singles and B-Sides

11. Who Loves The Sun

12. Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

13. Rock & Roll *

14. Lonesome Cowboy Bill *


Disc Three: Demos, Early Versions and Alternate Mixes


1. Rock & Roll _ Demo

2. Sad Song _ Demo

3. Satellite Of Love _ Demo

4. Walk And Talk _ Demo

5. Oh Gin _ Demo

6. Ocean _ Demo

7. I Love You _ Demo

8. Love Makes You Feel Ten Feet Tall _ Demo Remix

9. I Found A Reason _ Demo


Early Versions

10. Cool It Down _ Early Version, Remix

11. Sweet Jane _ Early Version, Remix

12. Lonesome Cowboy Bill _ Early Version, Remix

13. Head Held High _ Early Version, Remix

14. Oh! Sweet Nuthin' _ Early Version, Remix


Alternate Mixes

15. Who Loves The Sun _ Alternate Mix

16. Sweet Jane _ Alternate Mix

17. Cool It Down _ Alternate Mix

18. Lonesome Cowboy Bill _ Alternate Mix

19. Train Round The Bend _ Alternate Mix

20. Head Held High _ Alternate Mix

21. Rock & Roll _ Alternate


Disc Four: Live At Max's Kansas City Remastered

1. I'm Waiting For The Man

2. White Light/White Heat

3. I'm Set Free

4. Sweet Jane

5. Lonesome Cowboy Bill

6. New Age

7. Beginning To See The Light

8. I'll Be Your Mirror

9. Pale Blue Eyes

10. Candy Says

11. Sunday Morning

12. After Hours

13. Femme Fatale

14. Some Kinda Love

15. Lonesome Cowboy Bill _ Version 2


Disc Five: Live At Second Fret, Philadelphia, 1970*

1. I'm Waiting For The Man

2. What Goes On

3. Cool It Down

4. Sweet Jane

5. Rock & Roll

6. Some Kinda Love

7. New Age

8. Candy Says

9. Head Held High

10. Train Round The Bend

11. Oh! Sweet Nuthin'


*previously unreleased


Disc Six: Audio DVD

96/24 Hi-Resolution Surround Sound Remix

96/24 Hi-Resolution Stereo Downmix

96/24 Hi-Resolution Original Stereo Mix

Classic album expanded as a six-disc set with stereo, mono and surround mixes, rarities, and live recordings, including an unreleased 1970 club performance!


« 5 CD's + 1 DVD

« The original album remastered in both stereo and mono

« A generous selection of demos, early versions and alternate mixes from that era

« A newly remastered/re-edited version of Live At Max's Kansas City

« Two high resolution mixes, plus a surround sound mix in DTS and Dolby Digital

« An unreleased May 1970 concert recorded in Philadelphia

« 72-page book with new liner notes by Lenny Kaye


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