Thin Lizzy | Chinatown | 180g Vinyl LP (Import)

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Released in 1980 as a successful follow-up to their much loved Black Rose - A Rock Legend, Phil Lynott, Scott Gorham, Brian Downey and new guitar sensation Snowy White forged ahead once again with their trademark hard rock sound and continued their assault on audiences worldwide with their tenth masterpiece Chinatown.

As the powerful opener We Will Be Strong kicks the album into full gear, featuring the dual lead guitars of Scott Gorham and Snowy White, known for creating some of the finest and most familiar guitar riffs in music history, they continue their legendary style with this metal anthem. Phil Lynott's vocal and bass attack notched up another career defining song as well, which served the band well for years and has truly been one of their most revered tunes.

LP Track Listing:

_1. We Will Be Strong

2. Chinatown

3. Sweetheart

4. Sugar Blues

5. Killer on the Loose

6. Having a Good Time

7. Genocide (The Killing of the Buffalo)

8. Didn't I

9. Hey You