Thin Lizzy | Vagabonds of the Western World | 180g Vinyl LP

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The third studio album from Thin Lizzy was released in 1973 and was the last album with guitarist Eric Bell. Between Jim Fitzpatrick's lurid album cover which depicted the band in space, the new, hot-rod-like Thin Lizzy logo, and Lynott's newly throaty howl, Vagabonds is possibly the first Thin Lizzy album on which they truly could be described as a hard rock band. Vagabonds presented a swaggering confidence, a band buoyed by the success of semi-accidental smash hit –Whiskey In The Jar," and carved out a moody, dark sound by borrowing bits from the blues, folk, psych, and Celtic music. Their big hits and glory years - beginning with 1976's Jailbreak - were still ahead of them, but, with Vagabonds as a centerpiece, Thin Lizzy's early years left behind a cabinet of curiosities.

LP Track Listing:

1. Mama Nature Said
2. The Hero and the Madman
3. Slow Blues
4. The Rocker
5. Vagabond of the Western World
6. Little Girl in Bloom
7. Gonna Creep Up on You
8. A Song for While I'm Away