Tommy Bolin | Teaser 40th Anniversary Edition | 3xLP + 2xCD Box Set

  • $ 74.99

Tommy Bolin, the bright young US guitar God who created a whirlwind with his loud, stylish, free-form fusion performances before his untimely death at the age of 25 in 1976, left a masterpiece that has been previously buried. TEASER should’ve been the album which broke Bolin worldwide. Instead, as a member of Deep Purple when the album came out in 1975, Bolin never got the chance to promote the album and it became a cult classic.

40 years after it was made, that is finally about to change. In May 2015, UDR Records will put out THE DEFINITIVE TEASER, a 3 album deluxe vinyl box-set supplemented with two live CDs and celebrating the 40th anniversary of this legendary release. Featuring long-lost outtakes and alternative mixes from the original TEASER studio sessions, plus two live CDs comprising performances from Ebbets Field, The Northern Lights, My Father’s Place and Albany, THE DEFINITIVE TEASER is set to satiate the appetites of Bolin fans worldwide. 

Track Listing

1. Teaser
2. Flying Fingers
3. Wild Dogs
4. Cookoo

1. Chameleon
2. Lotus
3. The Grind
4. Crazed Fandango

1. People People
2. Smooth Fandango
3. Marching Powder
4. Homeward Strut
5. Dreamer
6. Savanah Woman
7. Oriental Sky

1. Teaser - My Father's Place
2. People People – My Father’s Place
3. The Grind – My Father’s Place
4. Wild Dogs – Live at The Northern Lights
5. You Told Me That You Loved Me – Live in Albany
6. Stratus – Live at Ebbets Field
7. Post Toastee – Line in Albany
8. Hoka-Hay – Energy KBPI Broadcast
9. Homeward Strut – Live at Ebbets Field

1. Shake The Devil – Live at The Northern Lights
2. Marching Powder – My Father’s Place
3. Lotus – My Father’s Place
4. Homeward Strut - Live at The Northern Lights
5. You Know, You Know – Live at Ebbets Field
6. Crazed Fandango – Live at Ebbets Field
7. Post Toastee - Live at The Northern Lights
8. Walk In My Shadow - Live at Ebbets Field