Various Artists | Afro-Peruvian Classics: The Soul of Black Peru | Vinyl LP

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The Afro-Peruvian style heard on The Soul of Black Peru compilation originated hundreds of years ago from the Spanish slave trade. The music is a mix of African, Spanish, and Andean traditions, due to the fact that the slaves who came to Peru were not from one specific region, so they did not have a common language to communicate with. It's easy to break the music down and see which culture contributed what -- the lyrics are all sung in Spanish (Spain), have a slight melancholy approach (similar to the Yaravi form from the Andes), and boast interesting rhythms (Africa). The musical form is just starting to catch on in other parts of the world, and deservedly so. And since this is heartfelt, emotional music, fans outside of the world music circle can easily grasp and appreciate it. Ranging from Manuel Donayre's "Yo No Soy Jaqui" to Chabuca Granda's "Lando" (Luaka Bop Records head David Byrne even contributes a track, "Maria Lando"), The Soul of Black Peru is a true musical treasure. - Greg Prato (All Music) 

LP Track Listing:
1. Maria Lando - Susana Baca
2. Yo No Soy Jaqui (I Am Not Jaqui) - Manuel Donayre
3. Canterurias - Cecilia Barraza
4. Samba Malato - Lucila Campos
5. Enciendete Candela (Light the Flame) - Roberto Rivas & El Conjunto Gente Morena
6. Azucar de Ca_a (Sugarcane) - Eva Ayllon
7. Prendeme la Vela (Light My Candle) - Abelardo Vasquez & Cumanana
8. Land„ - Chabuca Granda
9. Toro Mata (Bull Kills) - Lucila Campos
10. Son de los Diablos (Dance of the Devils) - Peru Negro
11. No Me Cumben (That's Not for Me) - Nicomedes Santa Cruz
12. Una Larga Noche (A Long Night) - Chabuca Granda
13. Lando - Peru Negro
14. Maria Lando - David Byrne
15. Zapateo en Menor - Vincente Vasquez