Vikings | Vikings Celestial Stone Necklace

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Pillage the riches of the celestial sky in this hand crafted solid sterling silver necklace. Spanning 1” in diameter, each pendant is set with a distinctive 16mm labradorite gemstone. Like the Aurora Borealis flitting across the Northern night sky, a labradorite's color varies from the deepest greens and blues to the teases of oranges and reds. Surrounding the flickering colors of the exquisite stone are mountains, spruce trees, and a moon carved in silver. A small inukshuk landmark guides the way from the pendant to the 20” (51cm) sterling silver chain. On the reverse side, an engraved Vegvísir (Icelandic 'sign post') delivers a mystical Norse charm to help the bearer safely find their way home.

Due to the unique nature of labradorite, your stone will vary from the one pictured but will be equally beautiful.


Handmade in New York City by RockLove

Sail the seas in style!