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Radiohead - Vinyl Bundle

The Most Important Band in the World on 180g Vinyl!


Exclusive vinyl bundle of essential Radiohead studio albums including OK Computer – ranked as one of the top albums in rock history!


Limited-Edition 180g Vinyl Series

THREE classic Radiohead albums back on vinyl for ONE great price!

Double LP sets w/gatefold jackets for OK Computer & Hail To The Thief 

38 tracks on 5 slabs ‘o wax


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While Radiohead saw its stock rising, it wasn't until their artistic breakthrough, The Bends that the band really began to be realized for their soaring aspirations. Displaying a far more expansive approach than its predecessor, The Bends marries such ambitious and often challenging, instrumental soundscapes to songs that are at their cores hauntingly melodic and accessible. It's one of the most essential albums of the '90s and a spectacular indicator of further greatness to come.



Granted classic album status almost immediately upon its release in 1997, OK Computer transformed Radiohead from a highly promising rock act into The Most Important Band in the World, a label the band has dealt with ever since. Combining elements of bombastic prog rock with alternating time signatures and traditional pop songwriting, OK Computer was an artistic departure from the sound of the band's previous efforts and it was the first true sign of the band's restless ambition.



Radiohead's 2003 release Hail To The Theif borrows equally from OK Computer's epic progressive rock and Kid A's skittering electronic theatrics while using eloquent metaphors and complicated arrangements to express the uncertainty, fear and anger arising from the 2000 U.S. presidential election and a post-9/11 world. The occasional hard-grooving funk rhythm and crazed rock guitar riff keeps even the airiest sentiments well anchored though, making Hail To The Theif as well balanced as it is progressive.


LP Track Listings:



Side A

1. Planet Telex 

2. The Bends 

3. High And Dry 

4. Fake Plastic Trees 

5. Bones 

6. (Nice Dream) 


Side B

1. Just (You Do It To Yourself) 

2. My Iron Lung 

3. Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was 

4. Black Star 

5. Sulk 

6. Street Spirit (Fade Out)



LP 1 – Side A

1. Airbag

2. Paranoid Android

3. Subterranean Homesick Alien


LP 1 – Side B

1. Exit Music (for a film)

2. Let Down

3. Karma Police


LP 2 – Side A

1. Fitter Happier

2. Electioneering

3. Climbing Up the Walls

4. No Surprises


LP 2 – Side B

1. Lucky

2. The Tourist 



LP 1 – Side A

1. 2+2=5 

2. Sit Down. Stand Up 

3. Sail To The Moon 


LP 1 – Side B

1. Backdrifts 

2. Go To Sleep 

3. Where I End And You Begin 


LP 2 – Side A

1. We Suck Young Blood 

2. The Gloaming 

3. There There 

4. I Will 


LP 2 – Side B

1. A Punchup At A Wedding 

2. Myxomatosis  

3. Scatterbrain 

4. A Wolf At The Door