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Darkness of My Mind/ Soul of a Man
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Red Mouth is a one-man punk/blues act from Muscle Shoals, Al. Intensely passionate, desperate, and sometimes with a frightening stage presence Red has garnered attention everywhere from Alabama, St Louis, Tucson, Estonia,Switzerland to England and beyond. Red has been spilling his emotions on stages for nearly ten years now after the demise of his previous outfit, The Studdogs. Red Mouth's music is roots- based with elements of delta blues, gospel, country and R&B, all infused with his passion for punk rock. His songs have been compared to artists as diverse as Son House and Sixteen Horsepower, Captain Beefheart and Scott Walker, the Stooges and Samhain. Red is just off a tour that took him to Finland, Latvia and particularly Estonia where collaborative videos made with Andres Roots have made it to the top 7 on Estonian National TV. Red Mouth has a 7-inch single coming out on October 11th, 2011 featuring "The Darkness of my Mind" and "Soul of a Man". Red recorded the songs in Estonia with award-winning Finnish harmonica player Jantso Jokelin. Armed with his guitar, electric piano, portable front porch and his powerful and emotional voice, Red is ready to get back on the road here in the States. This story: 'Jantso and I were stuck in a one room hostel in Tartu, Estonia. Actually it was a dormitory on the floor we were on. I left many whiskers in the sink and used up someone's toilet paper before we realized that the other folks actually lived there. And that was their toilet paper. Anyway, we had several little 'jams' in this room and many very inspiring conversations. I really wanted to work with Asko-Rome Altsoo who does all of Andres Roots records and make some sort of document of my time in Estonia. I actually wanted to get enough to at least be half a full length, but after conceding to the fact that I was being a little too ambitious I ditched that for two powerhouses. Jantso and I had been doing my song The Darkness Of My Mind in the middle of our sets on tour. Andres had been on us that it was one the most beautiful things he'd ever heard, just me and Jantso, and needed to be documented. So I went with it. And I must say, Andres was right. I think this is one my best vocal performances ever and Jantso throws out all thought of music and just pours out both of our souls. All emotion. I also decided on Blind Willie Johnson's Soul Of A Man as I've been doing this one for sometime and didn't actually think I'd release it on anything as I didn't want to pay for licensing (I did though). Before we headed to the studio I discussed my arrangement ideas for this one with Jantso. I wanted a 'grumble' of sorts in there. Just sitting underneath everything. I suggested running Janto's harp both through his octave pedal and a distortion pedal. He suggested trying the kaossilator, which I'd never even heard of. He fiddled with it til he got a kind of grumble. I loved it. I sat on the arm of the couch telling him when to swipe his finger across the control pad. As usual I found a couple things to bang on and shake and we called it a day. When I returned to the States, Asko sent me a rough mix. We quickly realized that this was no longer just a document, but the songs were banging on the box and yelling to be let out. So I let them out. And that's the story I'm sticking to.' - Red.


Title: Darkness of My Mind/ Soul of a Man
Genre: Blues
Artist(s): Red Mouth
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 10/18/2011
Product Type: LP
UPC: 885767910508
Item #: 161905X
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