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Seconds Out
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NOTE: On the CD edition songs NEO ROCKABILLY and BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES are replaced with BROWN SUGAR and THE WOMAN IS MINE. Neo-rockabilly band Restless have been on the scene, on and off, for more than thirty years and with the passing of time have become a band with cult status. The main man of the group is undoubtedly singer and guitarist extraordinaire Mark Harman. He's an exceptional musician, rightly acclaimed as one of the best guitar axes in the rockabilly world. The band was formed in Ipswich in the late 1970's when Mark and his brother Paul were joined by drummer Ben Cooper. From the very beginning Mark Harman wrote strong new original numbers and among these efforts are some of the greatest rockabilly songs of the last thirty years. Restless' debut album, "Why Don't You Just Rock!", was released on Nervous Records in 1982 and is definitely a classic on it's own terms. The a whole new scene, fronted by Stray Cats, Polecats and The Blue Cats and called neo-rockabilly, had exploded on the continent, especially in Holland, Belgium, France and Germany, so the band inevitably headed there. The freedom of exploiting their music in the home country was not allowed 'till later, when they played the legendary venues like the Klubfoot, Brixton Academy, Hammersmith Palais, Lyceum and the Town And Country supporting bands like The Damned, Spear Of Destiny, The Pogues, The Clash and The Ramones. After the follow-up album, "Do You Feel Restless", brothers Mark and Paul fell out, resulting in Paul leaving the group to be replaced by Jeff Bayly. The band's sound altered with the addition of guitarist Mick Malone, and they signed with ABC and their profile went through the roof. They pushed their third album "After Midnight" and the singles "Somebody Told Me" and "Just A Friend" with appearances on Radio 1's Saturday Night. Fast forward thousands of gigs, several albums and many line-up changes and the current trio of Mark Harman, Paul Harman and Rob Tyler found themselves in March 2014 recording a new album. An experience of itself, recording the album in the middle of nowhere in the rural Finnish countryside, was an exhausting but highly creative period of six days. Over the years Restless have managed to create a sound that is at once identifiable. Their onstage energy appeals year after year to the thriving neo-rockabilly scene and they have become regular house-packers where ever they toured and their appearance is always a guaranteed showstopper. BLR 33172 1 (P)(C) Bluelight Records 2014.


Title: Seconds Out
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): The Devil Wrays
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 5/30/2014
Product Type: LP
UPC: 6418594317215
Item #: 1391109X
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