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Exhibition 2: Solling I
12" Single 
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With Exhibition's second performance, Rico Puestel presents the new series-within-the-series, Solling, conceptually fulfilling the "triad of A" throughout the canvas of this record: Acid, analogicity, and anachronisms. After recently telling a vast and mesmerizing story on Adana Twins' TAU label, Rico Puestel now immerses into his defining habitat roots and creates the long-planned first soundtrack chapter of Solling: A central German uplands area in Lower Saxony, spreading into the North of Hesse, shaped by mixed forests, it's rural imprinting, a widespread range of regionally varying cultural idiosyncrasies and a century-extending history, including the shattering throughout the welters of the Thirty Years' War. Being the first of several planned chapters, pre-production mostly takes place there while the music is traversed by sound recorded in that area, leading to an existence irreversibly connected to it's birthplace. The impetuous opener "Tilly", characterizing the essence of Johann T'Serclaes von Tilly who commanded the Catholic League's forces in the Thirty Years' War, overrunning the Solling throughout 1624 and 1625, culminates in one retro-futuristic affair, building into an overwhelming storm of percussion tapestry and intertwining layers of acid. The A2 follow-up "Clava" takes the initial impetus to a superior level, overriding itself with an unpredictable enigma-melody after laying the foundation of a high-density groove architecture - all of this representing the almost intangible chasms of a unicum street and it's geographical expanse, filled with Rico's far-reaching primordial retrospections, seemingly connecting several contingent coordinates of mysterious happenings over two decades while anticipating the future. Ultimately, the AA-flipside delivers the groundbreaking Solling composition "Pro Foreste Sulgo", presenting an ancient-like struggle of dark and light as told by the principles of nature with two melodic themes, circling around themselves, bound to collide and meld like atoms - all placed within the treetops, shaken by the wind, overlooking a future that might already has been


Title: Exhibition 2: Solling I
Genre: Electronic
Artist(s): Rico Puestel
Label: Exhibition
Release Date: 12/27/2019
Product Type: 12" Single
UPC: 4251648415640
Item #: 2233418X
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