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Released by Transliguistic Other, Scriptures' self-title, first full-length record flows and changes throughout, ranging from the quiet and sparse sounds of the American desert to sonically dense ballads buttressed with distorted guitars. Songs such as "Blood and Sand" (which conjures the angular guitar melodies of Ennio Morricone) and "Your Town Is On Fire" (a face-melter that summons the demonic riffs of Black Sabbath) give a blood-pumping intensity to the record. Yet it is also laced with soft moments, including "Your Teeth" and "Brood of Vipers," with their entrancing opium-inspired melodies. "Shadows Before Sunset" and "Fox in the Chaparral," lend a scorching ambience that tempers the raging storm of the aforementioned compositions. Some fans have tried to label this album and Scriptures sound with nuanced collisions of descriptive words, like "Slow-burning-psych-metal" or "Prog-post-western-rock." While these hyphenated terms might lend some kind of inkling to their music, the best way to understand Scriptures is to grab a glass of whiskey, put on some headphones, put the cassette in the tape deck or the LP on the turntable, and begin on a journey. Since it's release, the self-titled album was listed as an honorable mention in Brian Cook's best albums of 2012 in the Stranger's Line Out and was included in Redefine Magazines top 20 mind-bending albums of 2012. In a review by the Independent (Missoula, Mt newspaper), a reviewer stated, "The quintet's eponymous full-length debut sounds like the score to a Cormac McCarthy novel made into a blood-soaked, sepia-toned Western." Scriptures formed in the 2008 out of the remnants of indie rockers This Is A Process of A Still Life (Process). Hailing from Missoula, Montana, bassist Jason Ward, drummer Baine Craft, and guitarists Burke Jam and Scott Kennedy relocated to Seattle, WA, where they were joined by guitarist David Totten. Finding inspiration in Western soundtracks, post-apocalyptic literature, and the geography of the Pacific Northwest, Process changed it's musical trajectory and shed the previously shimmering, even-keeled, post-rock sound for darker and heavier compositions. As they composed further, Process experimented with pieces that delicately combined both the soft and heavy, the addictive and abrasive, and the East and West. The melodies were even more intricate than before, the guitars more distorted, and the song structures more experimental. Infusing the dark Western sound with world-music and metal influences, Process found a distinct path that veered far from the trails behind them in Missoula. The disparity between the previous albums and the new material was too obvious to ignore, and the band changed their name to Scriptures. When Burke Jam moved back to Missoula in 2009, the band added multi-instrumentalist Jeff Forrest to the line-up. In late 2009, Scriptures collected material for an album and entered the studio to record their first full-length. With the help of audio engineer Jackson Justice Long (Hear Me Shimmer Recording Co.), mixing by Long and Jeff Forrest (Birds Inverted Music), and mastering by Blake Bickel (Dynamic Sound Services), Scriptures recorded tracks at Two Sticks Audio and at home. In 2011, guitarist Scott Kennedy left the ensemble to pursue other musical interests, and baritone guitarist Casey Alexander joined. Scriptures has shared the stage with bands such as Earth, Arbouretum, Master Musicians of Bukkake, Midday Veil, Pontiak, Eternal Tapestry, The Luna Moth, Bill Horist, and The Curious Mystery.


Title: Scriptures
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Scriptures
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 4/18/2012
Product Type: LP
UPC: 887516137013
Item #: 604274X
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