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Welcome To The Nightmare
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Formed in 2018, in Los Angeles, California, Section H8 creates gritty and callously honest hardcore punk. Now Section H8 comes with their most definitive statement yet in the form of their debut full-length Welcome To The Nightmare. Welcome To The Nightmare is pure hardcore punk at it's finest, with fast as hell instrumentals that quickly become formidable and pummeling on the turn of a dime. Section H8 have mastered their blend of blistering punk mixed with heavy grooves, as found on album opener "Nightmare" or "Mist-Head". Lyrically the ten tracks each tell their own story, ranging from personal experiences living in Los Angeles, crime, and death, to the current political divide in America, the legal system and the corruption within it. On Welcome To The Nightmare, Section H8 give an honest and unfiltered look at life through their own eyes, or as vocalist Mexi says, "The goal isn't to change the world, but to give you a glimpse into our world." Recorded and mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit Studios in Southern California and mastered by Nick Townsend, Section H8's debut comes with plenty of surprises among the ten pummeling tracks, such as a standout feature from Tim Armstrong of RANCID on "Street Sweeper" which calls to mind the fast aggression of RANCID (2000). Another curveball found on the full-length is the following track, "Behind The 8 Ball" which acts as a thank-you list from the band over a grooving riff and gang vocals. Made up of Aldo (guitar), Chris (drums), Dan (bass, vocals), Mexi (vocals), Ryan (guitar, vocals), Section H8's members aren't new to this world by any means - playing in acts such as PRODUCT OF WASTE, DOWNPRESSER, MINUS, HUMAN GARBAGE, and NOMADS to name a few - but their first full-length effort is refreshing and unique among the current trends of hardcore and punk.


Title: Welcome To The Nightmare
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Section H8
Label: Flatspot
Release Date: 8/6/2021
Product Type: LP
UPC: 603111747712
Item #: 2412605X


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