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Phantom Threshold
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Product Notes

'Phantom Threshold' is the second of three new releases in 2022 by Steve Dawson. The album is an instrumental release that explores some very deep and elusive musical territory. In many ways, "Phantom Threshold" resumes the musical conversations started in 'Telescope,' Steve's pedal steel-based instrumental album from 2008. The core band, dubbed 'The Telescope Three,' in reference to that release, is comprised of Jeremy Holmes (bass), Chris Gestrin (keyboards), and Jay Bellerose (drums/percussion). The natural telepathy between the musicians can be heard throughout 'Phantom Threshold' as they cook up an enticing blend of textured string and keyboard sounds. Recorded with an array of vintage tube amps, Dawson's distinctive pedal steel sound is always in the forefront, vocalizing themes and defining parameters for the plethora of unusual instruments running from pump organ and accordion to the otherworldly marxophone (a kind of fretless zither played with hammers) and Moog synthesizer. Guest musicians include Daniel Lapp, who added some beautiful violin and cornet accents to 'Cozy Corner' and 'Tripledream,' and Fats Kaplin who played fiddle and banjo on the title track as well as accordion on 'The Waters Rise.' Even though 'Phantom Threshold' was recorded remotely, it expresses a spontaneity and looseness throughout as a well-developed group mind guides Dawson's melodic excursions into some very adventurous musical territory. The album has an expansive Paris, Texas era Ry Cooder feel, replete with a pulsing psychedelic undercurrent that makes the whole affair flow together like an imaginary collaboration between John Ford and Federico Fellini. Historically, string based instrumental albums have been a tough sell.

They've got to engage, express a variety of moods and keep the listener coming back for more. 'Phantom Threshold' does all of this in spades. It is a triumph that plays to all of Steve Dawson's considerable strengths and is destined to become one of the most enduring records in his already impressive discography.


Title: Phantom Threshold
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Steve Dawson & The Telescope Three
Label: Black Hen
Release Date: 8/12/2022
Product Type: CD
UPC: 803057065325
Item #: 2498090X

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