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Libellus Single
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This track comes as a piece of beautiful limited edition vinyl with a free download MP3 code. The whole idea behind the VINYL VIRAL release was I was trying to create something beautiful and practical whilst also introduce my Album, LIBELLUS into the world. To me artwork is a really important part of an album and there seems to be something very cold and detached about just releasing a download. You have spent all this time writing and recording, to then not be able to hold what you have created seems very disappointing. There are paintings by Beshlie McKevlie that accompany each of the songs, they are beautiful and I am really proud of what we have achieved and I wanted people to see it. However, I realised that record players are few and far between so by adding a download code people would actually be able to listen to it! Once each listener has entered their individual code (that can only be used once) they receive an email crowning them one of the singles 'Offical Gatekeeper's'. In the email there is also a download link, which they are asked to forward to as many people as possible thus allowing the song to travel for free around the world... I also thought people might be interested in the small story behind the making of this record, hence the booklet inside the vinyl... There also seemed to be something genuinely lovely about putting the song in the hands of the people who support you, it seems more magical. That is why when I decided to do merchandise i got friends who make silk camisols to create the tops, I then found a guy who would silk screen one of Beshlie's Fairy Queens onto the top rather than just bulk ordering t-shirts. The tops are really beautiful and there is somthing exciting about creating the unusal. I think it is addicitve. At the single release at Bush Hall we converted the venue into a Arcadian garden using 15foot paper lanterns of tulips and lillies, we entered lilliput and became pixies performing to the most attentive audience it was wonderful. I like getting lost in my imagination so why not create wierd and wonderful ideas like this?


Title: Libellus Single
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Tallulah Rendall
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 9/23/2008
Product Type: LP
UPC: 634479925733
Item #: 141244X
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